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Year launched: 2023
Collection: Destinos


Main Aromatic Family: Floral
Secondary Aromatic Family: Aromatic



Tonic note: Marcela
Dominant note: Jazmín del País
Sub Dominant: Carqueja



Lemon, Espinillo, Jasmine, Dama de Noche, Cedrón, Coronilla, Cabreuva, Butiá, Copaiba Resin, Palo Santo Andes


Herbal; marcela; carqueja; jasmine; sweet, green; lemony infusion; a walk in the Uruguayan countryside, wildflowers in one hand and chamomile and carqueja for tea in the other; nocturnal green


The wind that raised me and the storm that shaped me.  -Gabriela Hearst
Paysandú takes inspiration from rural Uruguay, where Gabriela Hearst and Julian Bedel were raised. 

The Pura Esencia line is created following a proprietary artisanal process that does not include filtration. This product could present sedimentation or cloudiness, a normal sign which reflects the quality of the product and the nature of its ingredients.