Ett Hem

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Year launched: 2014
Collection: Destinos


Main Aromatic Family: Wood
Secondary Aromatic Family: Warm



Tonic note: Austrocedrus
Dominant note: Gran
Sub Dominant: Aguaribay



Scandinavian Spruce, Pink Pepper, Lemon, Cedar, Clove



Sandalwood; refreshing and cozy; sweet and spicy; aromatic; contemplative; a fire on a sunny winter day; cashmere on bare skin


Two corners of the world: the southernmost tip of Patagonia and the northernmost tip of Sweden; distant landscapes mirror each other, one an extension of the other. A collaboration with the Ett Hem Hotel, in Stockholm.


The Pura Esencia line is created following a proprietary artisanal process that does not include filtration. This product could present sedimentation or cloudiness, a normal sign which reflects the quality of the product and the nature of its ingredients.


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