Ett Hem - Difusor de Pura Esencia

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Ett Hem – Patagonian Forest

Conifers & Hand-Woven Textiles

Two corners of the world: the southernmost part of Patagonia and the northernmost part of Sweden. Their distant, yet comparable landscapes mirror each other, as if they were an extension of one another. Born from a collaboration with the Ett Hem hotel in Sweden, the concept behind this aromatic landscape was to bring the encounter of the two conifer forests into this antique home, shielded by the sophisticated warmth of wooden furniture and hand-woven textiles.

This diffuser consists of a 100 ml liquid scent formulated with the highest attainable concentration of natural and exotic botanicals for diffusing scent. It comes with 10 reeds and a glass flask, complemented by a wooden walnut holder. This ensemble is packaged in reusable, hand-made wooden boxes.