Oud Assam


This creation will be available from the end of November. Pre-order now to be the first to receive it.

Year launched: 2022 
Collection: El Mundo de los Oud
Main Olfactory Family: Oud  
Secondary Olfactory Family: Animalic 
Perfume Chord: 
Tonic note: Oud Assam 
Dominant note: Muskara Phero J. 
The allure of Indian contradictions enclosed in a scent as animalistic and magnetic as its native country. In the ancient Ayurveda tradition, the Euphoria of the senses unleashes the healing power of smells in a momentary experience of Nirvana. 
This scent contains pure and natural oud, sustainably sourced and distilled by local communities in Assam (India). As intense and persistent as it is precious, this oud is the epitome of animalic oud
*Please note that this creation is produced in small batches of 100 unites only and the fulfilment of the order may take up to two weeks. 


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