Jazmín Criollo - Difusor de Pura Esencia

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Jazmín Criollo – White Floral Opulent

Creamy Jasmine

Arriving at a summer house, as the doors and windows swing open, a jasmine vine takes over. A fresh breeze infuses the white fabrics draping over tables and beds with the anticipation of the new season. Whether it's the rustic charm of a corner in Uruguay or the classic splendor of the Mediterranean, the feeling is the same: days of boundless summer radiance by the sea.

This diffuser consists of a 100 ml liquid scent formulated with the highest attainable concentration of natural and exotic botanicals for diffusing scent. It comes with 10 reeds and a glass flask, complemented by a wooden walnut holder. This ensemble is packaged in reusable, hand-made wooden boxes.