Milonga Verde

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Year launched: 2022
Collection: Armonias


Main Aromatic Family: Green
Secondary Aromatic Family: Smoke



Tonic note: Algarrobo Negro
Dominant note: Lapacho Rosado
Sub Dominant: Hojas de Jacarandá



Cypress Leaf, Olibanum, Palo Santo Chaco, Cistus, Benzoin, Myrrh



Smoky; woody leaves; sweet green; fire; forest leaves dancing on the fire; an evolving scent; verses improvised around the fire; the sweet sap of a green leaf sticking to your fingers; nocturnal


Leaves from the woods tossed into the fire dancing around the smoke; incense; the sweet flavor of things and bodies that sparkle at night.


The Pura Esencia line is created following a proprietary artisanal process that does not include filtration. This product could present sedimentation or cloudiness, a normal sign which reflects the quality of the product and the nature of its ingredients.


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