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Year launched: 2020
Collection: Destinos


Main Aromatic Family: Amber
Secondary Aromatic Family: Floral



Tonic note: Ambergris
Dominant note: Rosa Damascena
Sub Dominant: Santalum



Rose, Sandalwood, Cedar, Olibanum, Patchouli



Warm; elegant; woody; sweet rose; gemstone; secret; the scent of a modern Scheherazade; contemporary version of a traditional Middle Eastern fragrance; the sophisticated Middle Eastern world


An amber pearl floating on an oasis, feeding the nameless rose that blossoms with the morning star.


The Pura Esencia line is created following a proprietary artisanal process that does not include filtration. This product could present sedimentation or cloudiness, a normal sign which reflects the quality of the product and the nature of its ingredients.


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