Oud Chaco


Year launched: 2022  

Collection: El Mundo de los Oud
Main Olfactory Family: Oud  
Secondary Olfactory Family: Wood 
Perfume Chord: 
Tonic note: Oud Chaco  
Dominant note: Muskara Phero J. 
A dark, oriental scent shrouded in an aura of mystery, with a smoky facet that reveals a land of seemingly unending alluvial plains and scrubby desert in the lushness of its biodiversity. 
Discovered during the botanical explorations of founder Julian Bedel and produced using Fueguia 1833’s own fermentation of different woods from Gran Chaco (South America), this oud is a complete novelty in the universe of perfumery, a triumph of contrasts. Its woody profile is the perfect combination of smoky and sweetness. 
*Please note that this creation is produced in small batches of 100 unites only and the fulfilment of the order may take up to two weeks. 


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